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Marcey Hamm was born in Oklahoma. Being raised in an environment of Native Americans and wild buffalo gave her a natural foundation for spiritual growth and creativity. Marcey’s diverse background as a Nuclear Engineer, Software Engineer and Electronics Engineer, along with robots and gadgets, were the foundation for her building her computerized music studio. Her near death experience from a car accident in 1985 opened her composing to the unexplained. The story goes like this…

It was an ordinary day, just like any other. As I sat in traffic on the freeway, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a truck speedily approaching my car. The next thing I knew I was out of my body, engulfed in a beautiful brilliant silver light, looking over my dead body. All of a sudden the voice of a man, whom I couldn’t see, said to me, “You can either come with us now, or you can go back and finish your work.”

The feeling of love pouring through me was so strong and nourishing I didn’t want to leave. Yet, I had worked so hard for 10 years to build my computer studio that I had just finished 3 days before. Here I was dead and I had to make a destiny’s decision. I loved music too much to quit; I came back.

The physical pain from my car accident was almost unbearable. Over the next year I explored every healing possibility. This changed my life. After my healing, I went into my studio for the first time since my accident. All of a sudden I felt very tired. So I leaned back in my chair for a short nap.

Suddenly, I was out of my body rushing through what seemed like a whirlwind of wind and motion. I was thrown out into this complete void of nothing – no sound, no light – just nothing. Soon these huge ocean waves of light and music came rushing all around me and through me. I was engulfed with this moment, which seemed like just a few minutes, but when I returned to my body, I looked at my clock – it was 8 hours later. Also, the lights on my display panel were flashing indicating something had been recorded. I put my computers into play mode, and this music came over my speakers. It was the same music I had just experienced out of my body. I sat in my chair for hours crying like a baby. I called this music Inward Harmony.

I went to a public fair in Dallas to sell Inward Harmony. My first customer was an older man. As he began listening to the music, he turned white as a sheet. I freaked out. I really thought my music was killing him. I was about to call for security, but he walked away. I sat down in shock, relieved that he didn’t die, but I wondered what had happened.

The man returned in 30 minutes. He looked straight into my eyes and said, “Young lady, 7 years ago I was on the operating table undergoing heart surgery. I was pronounced clinically dead for 16 minutes and this music is what I experienced while I was dead.”

From that moment, Inward Harmony has reached millions of people all over the world. Thousands of healing testimonials have been received. Even though scientists have tried to figure out why this music is so healing, they have not been successful.

I don’t know why I was given this gift of music. But, from all the benefits others have received from it, I am glad I decided to come back and spend the rest of my life composing. Since her car accident, Marcey Hamm has had two more near death experiences.

HUUU Enterprises
Dept Internet
908 Audelia Rd,Ste 200-143
Richardson, TX 75081

Phone numbers:
800-843-3240 toll free in U.S. & Canada
972-690-3556 outside U.S.

Fax number:



Marcey Hamm's first near death experience (NDE) occurred when her body was propelled through the windshield, as her car was rear-ended on the freeway. Since that incident she has had two more NDEs. The accumulation of these events has given her the knowledge to create The Sound Traveler Seminar. In this highly acclaimed program she shares her learnings, insights and tools from these life-changing events.

In Marcey's own words, "I have died three times. The opportunity to see my life from that perspective was awesome to say the least. But, more importantly, I saw in those moments a "bigger picture" of my life in its physical body. How to achieve that insight is what I teach in this seminar. In seeing that "bigger picture," I show you how you can design and live your life the way you want it to be. Can you imagine being so happy that you can't even dream of being happier, yet you just get happier and happier? Don't wait until you die and then see what you missed. Make your life now all it can possibly be. This seminar is that powerful. Everything I teach you in this seminar is what I do in my life...I can't imagine being happier than I am now, but my life just gets happier and better each day. This seminar will change your life. Join me and be free from living at the effect of life. Create the life you"

People who have had a NDE frequently report that the experience is life altering. Now through these eight audiocassettes and a workbook, you will know why. This seminar is full of information you will want to listen to time and time again. So, experience and enjoy it at your own pace and learn how to:

-Use Marcey's albums for life changing effects
-Create your life as you want it to be
-Identify and interpret your unique dream symbols and the messages they hold
-Achieve enlightenment through your dreams
-Have unconditional love and be judgment free
-Be free from the unhealthy attachments in your life
-Understand Marcey's albums and how they work with the different planes (physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric and soul.) Did you know Edgar Casey gave his readings from the causal plane?
-Increase awareness to your Soul
-Work with the "HU" to nurture your soul and make life easier
-Trust your intuitive inner guide and have more self-esteem
-Discover inner peace

The Sound Traveler Seminar may be purchased by itself for $124.95 plus S & H. Or, it may be bought in combination with all 8 of Marcey's albums at a price of $199.95 plus S & H. If you buy it with all 8 albums you receive a discount of 23% or $60.60 off the retail price of $260.55. The seminar is on 7 Compact Discs and includes a 95-page workbook. Marcey's 8 albums are on CD.


Name: Marcey Hamm Business Name: HUUU Enterprises
Address: 908 Audelia Rd., Ste 200-143
Phone: 972-690-6879 Fax: 972-690-1134 Email:


Describe you or your organization’s area of expertise (if business):
HUUU Enterprises is set up to produce and distribute music that is used for all different applications such as: hospitals, rehab centers, prison systems, massage and physical therapy, police work, etc. The music is considered therapeutic music and many people buy the music to relax their environments, use it for their children, health problems, pets, plants, animal husbandry, agriculture, etc.

I, Marcey Hamm, died in a car wreck in 1985 on my way to work. My background has been in Nuclear Engineering, Software Engineering and Electronics prior to my car accident. After my car wreck, I started composing music and people started having all kinds of phenomena occur in their lives. For example: There was a lady in Ft. Worth, TX who was burned in a house fire. She had second and third degree burns. She bought my Inward Harmony album and within five to six days, her doctor could not find one blemish on her body.

There are many testimonials that relate to so many applications with this music. The bottom line is, this music that
I compose helps people in their lives. Let me give you another example: There was a police officer who was in an accident. He became a paraplegic from the accident and was to going to be bedridden for the rest of his life. The nurse at the hospital had my Inward Harmony album and loaned it to the officer. After approximately fourteen months, this man was completely healed and now lives a normal life.

I have been doing this music for nineteen years. I have composed eight albums and each album has a different purpose. Inward Harmony, my first album, is the one used most for healing, calming, and bringing tranquility into the environment. Inward Harmony also is the album that has the most healing testimonials.


The aim for HUUU Enterprises is to manufacture and to distribute within the United States, the therapeutic music to all the Whole Foods Markets, educate the public about the therapeutic music and how to use the music in their lives. Whole Foods is a health food store, but it is important for me to start my music in these stores first because I also want to help bring awareness to the public about organic eating and taking care of the body. While traveling across the country setting up the music in the Whole Food Stores, I will also give talks and work with several non-profit organizations that HUUU Enterprises will donate and contribute music to their causes in helping people. For example, the Hospice Programs. They will work with me nationally to implement my music in their programs for people who are dying. My music helps people during this transition and helps reduce pain and fear.

Also, Parents Anonymous is another non-profit organization who works with battered woman and abused children. I will be working with them to implement my music into their centers across the country. I will help people heal their trauma and also to learn strength so they won’t be repeated victims.


Once all the music is established in all of the Whole Foods Markets and I am working closely with the selected non-profit organizations, the next goal is to research the effects of this music using scientific means to show the why and how this music has the effects it has. Then all the collected scientific data will be used to produce an independent documentary film about Music and Vibrations. I will take what I have been teaching and use all the scientific data as well as the information collected in working with the non-profit organizations to create a film for the public. This film will be distributed worldwide for educational purposes through schools, theaters, television as well as produced on DVD’s.

There is a long list of projects each will need funding when it is time to develop that project.

We are living in such a wonderful time of technology with so much advanced knowledge about our health,
our planet and the Universe we are living in, etc. This is the first time in our history of our earth that we can take an idea and literally move that idea around our globe in nano seconds. Our opportunities to help educate people on bettering their lives are greater now than ever before in our history because of the Information Age we are now living due to all of our technology. I want to make a difference in this time we are living and help people better themselves so we can all move to a better way of living throughout our whole planet.

With my background in Nuclear Engineering, Software Engineering, Electronics, having three Near-Death-Experiences, as well as all the experiences that I have had with the public in using this music, I know I can make a difference in this life that can help thousands of people better their lives. I know that I can make a difference for many future generations to come. This is my vision.

My Music has thousands of testimonials, unlike any other music, that attest to its healing and life changing affects.

I have a gift to compose this music. People credit profound healings and experiences from listening to this music.

Why are you selling, making, or producing this product or service? (if business)

As cliché as this may sound, it is a calling I have and the calling is to help people have a better quality of life. This music has repeatedly shown to do that.

I have one other staff member. There is no diversity.


For this project, all of the United States, even though this music sells world-wide.

This music is used by and for people of all ages, animals and plants.

By placing the music in the Whole Foods Market stores, there will be a high visibility for the music within each store. I will supplement that placement by visiting each store and having “meet-n-greets,” autograph sessions and give lectures.

Each Whole Foods Market store has a monthly calendar-of-events that is published and distributed to their customers. My visits will be listed in the store’s calendar-of-events.

The only other music that Whole Foods Market sales, is Putumayo World Music. This music is from a number of different composers. And, to my knowledge, it doesn’t have any healing or life changing testimonials.

Each CD is $16.95. The cost was determined by the established CD music market.

There is the need to hire two additional employees. One of the people, I have in mind would offer racial diversity, both will need to be trained.

Equipment, Printing & Packaging Needed:

Recording & Duplication Equipment - $224,213

Motor Home (one year lease) - $99,523

Music Display Equipment: $371,250

CDs: Print & Packaging = $22,160
for initial store inventory


Goal 1
To offer the many personal growth and health benefits of this music to the people, animals and plants of the USA.

How will you accomplish this goal and when?
This goal will be accomplished by using Whole Foods Market as my wholesale outlet. Whole Foods Market has 165 existing stores with 55 in development. As soon as funding begins, we will move to place the music in the Whole Foods Market stores.

Goal 2
By the end of the first quarter of 2006, I will have completed placing the music in at least 2 regions of the Whole Foods Market stores. (This is assuming that funding has begun by January 1, 2006.)

How will you accomplish this goal and when?
Since Music by Marcey is already accepted into the main database of Whole Foods Market venders at their corporate office in Austin, TX, it is just a matter of contacting each store individually and setting up a time to place our display units in their stores. So, the rollout can begin immediately upon receiving funding.

Goal 3
By the end of the second quarter of 2007, I will have the display units and the music in each of the 165 Whole Foods Market stores.

How will you accomplish this goal and when?
By diligently and aggressively working to have the units in each store, this goal can be accomplished by the end of the second quarter of 2007. That is of course if all the funding needed is obtained.

All budgets must contain the information requested below.

Applying Organization: HUUU Enterprises
Project Title Whole Foods Market
Project Director: Marcey Hamm
Financial Officer: Kate Upchurch
Organization’s Fiscal Year: January To December
Mo-nth Month
Beginning and Ending dates of requested funding: January 1, 2006 To December 31, 2006
(e.g., June 1 2000 to May 31, 2001)

1st Year ProjectBudget 1st Year Requested 2nd YearProject Budget 2nd YearRequested 3rd YearProjectBudget 3rd Year Requested Total Project Budget Total Requested
From: 1-1-06 From: From:
From month/day/year $993,746
To: 12-31-06 To: To:
To month/day/year
Salaries (4 Salaries) $200,000
+ FICA $15,300
Fringe Benefits -0-

SUBTOTAL $215,300
Consultants -0-
Conferences/meetings -0-
Multimedia/publications $22,160
Equipment purchase & Motor Home Lease $694,986
Office expenses $36,100
Travel (Fuel) $25,200
Other (list individual items that cost $5,000 or more below)




Signature of Project Director: Date:

Signature of Financial Officer: Date:

Please provide the following information: (university applicants specify organizational unit, e.g., school, department, or center)
Total amount of your organization’s or unit’s annual budget $
Amount of proposed project as percentage of your organization’s or unit’s annual budget %
Requested Corporation grant as percentage of your organization’s or unit’s annual budget %

Identify each title, percentage of time devoted to the project, and salary amount allocated for each year.
Title 1st Year % 1st YearSalary 2nd Year % 2nd YearSalary 3rd Year % 3rdYearSalary TotalSalaryAllocation
Marcey Hamm/Composer 100% $60,000
KateUpchurch/Store Coordinator & Finance Person 75% $48,000
Store installer & Travel Assist to Marcey Hamm 100% $48,000
Warehouse Manager 100% $24,000
Part-time warehouse help 50% $20,000
FICA $15,300

Sub-total $215,300
Fringe -0-
Total Salaries & Fringe $215,300

The current test store for my music, Whole Foods Market in Richardson, TX, I invested approximately $1,400.00 for the music display system and hardware needed to set up the music in the store. This is without a stand, electrical power supply or headphones. This was the first project to see how the music would be received by the public via the music display system in Whole Foods Market stores.

Setting up the music in the Whole Foods stores and working with the selected non-profit organizations is Project One. Once all the Whole Food Stores are set up, this project will be self sustaining and there will be no further need for funding on this particular project. However, a certain portion of the monies generated from Project One will then go to Project Two. Project Two will also need new grant funding. Project Two will be researching this music and gathering scientific data on why and how this music has the effects it has on humans, animals and nature.

This music up to this point in time is backed by testimonials which show the effects of this music. Project Two will be working with scientists showing scientifically how and why this music has the effects that it has. Once this scientific research is completed, then Project Three will be ready.

Project Three is producing a documentary film. This film will be about all the research discovered in Project Two as well as all the work done with the non-profit organizations from Project One. This film will be distributed worldwide via schools, theaters, television and through any media products such as DVD’s. The goal is to educate people about vibrations of sound through music.

If you receive a grant for only a portion of your requested expenses what will you do?

I will place the music and music display units in as many Whole Foods Stores as funding permits.

No annual reports at this time.

I have contacted three National Non-Profit Organizations, Parent’s Anonymous, Hospice,
(pet group- pet smart- their pet adoption centers--- any non-profit there). These Non-profit organizations have agreed to work with me on a national scale in using my music in their facilities. As I travel in each city, setting up the Whole Foods stores with the music, I will also be giving lectures and training to these non-profit’s local chapters in those cities. I will teach their staff how to implement the music in their work and I will be supplying the training and the music free of charge to these non-profit organizations.

This is my way of giving back to society especially to those who can benefit tremendously from this music.

Parent’s Anonymous deals with battered woman and abused children. My music will help these people to heal and not to become repeated victims. Hospice deals with people who are dying. My music will help remove the fear of dying and therefore allow the individuals to pass away peacefully. The pet group, deals with abused as well as homeless animals and finds them a home. My music will help the animals through their trauma, fears and possible aggression which in turn will help the animal to be a loving companion and therefore be more adoptable.

It gives me great pleasure to give to all of Life. There is no other joy greater than knowing that my music has helped someone better their life no matter how big or small. For example: When Jean Lamb in Fort Worth told me to my face that my music healed her 2nd and 3rd degree burns within six days and her doctor could not find a blemish anywhere on her body, you can imagine how I felt in that moment. Or when I received the letter from the police officer who was in an accident and became a paraplegic. The officer says in the letter that my Inward Harmony album healed him within fourteen months and he now lives a normal life. Or a child who had to be drugged everynight in order to sleep because of nightmares. Her parents took her to specialists all over this country, but nothing worked. Drugs were the only remedy until they got my Inward Harmony album. As soon as they put on Inward Harmony, their 2 year old child never had to be drugged again. She slept from that point on without anymore nightmares.

Here is the information of the non-profit organizations:

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Atten: Tom Woodruff
1700 Diagonal Road, Ste 625
Alexandria, VA 22314


INWARD HARMONY is a continuous angelic music that brings balance and harmony to all of life. This balance and harmony is created within all of our bodies: Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric and Soul. When these bodies are out of harmony with each other, illness and other problems of imbalance occur. INWARD HARMONY opens the consciousness to allow the Sound Current that is within all things to flow through the bodies. This process works from within and flows outward to the physical body and then flows back to the inner bodies. This back and forth flow eventually moves all particles into a balanced state and the healing actually is a natural result of this Sound Current movement. INWARD HARMONY has been attributed to numerous healings and other phenomena. Listening to INWARD HARMONY will make you feel like you are enveloped in a blanket of Divine love.

· One woman who had been burned in a house fire, was told by her doctors that she would be scarred for life. After listening to INWARD HARMONY for five days, evidence of her trauma had disappeared. Her doctors found nothing, not even a blemish, and to this day cannot explain her miraculous recovery.

· A man who had taken medication every night for five years for his insomnia quit taking his medicine and now listens to Inward Harmony every night and sleeps like a baby.

· A mother who was in labor for 25 hours had no anxiety, no pain medication and was fully relaxed throughout the childbirth process. She listened to Inward Harmony during her nine months of pregnancy and also during her labor.

The stories are endless. Indeed, INWARD HARMONY has had amazing life changing effects on its listeners.

Z is a music that works with the dream states and also helps you break through blocks and fears. Much of this letting go is in the dream state. The Z helps bridge the gap between your dream state and your waking state. This music assists you in manifesting your dreams and learning how to design your life.

Let me explain a few things. Our dream state is a very important tool for our development. We just need to understand that part of ourselves. There are of course many initiations of growth or expansion when it comes to understanding and having the experiences of the dream state. Many people don’t remember their dreams, nor do they understand what they do remember of them.

The key here is to start somewhere and to me that should be wherever a person is now. Where we go in our dreams should be our perception of reality. Our waking state should be our waking dream. In other words, the inner part of us should be our reality and the outer part of ourselves should be the dream, the waking dream.

This music is a tool to expand our consciousness. In this expansion our perception of life starts changing because of our awareness of it. For example, I have a cat named Macy who came from a litter of starving kittens and was full of fear. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her or come near her. I started playing Z immediately. Macy now sits on my lap and greets all of my guests.